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Welcome To our Field test page      

Here we want to give you an Idea of what we do at our field test,We try to give the the students some practical exsperiance in a controlled situation with some guidance.Althou as instructors we all teach basically the same information
Not all instructors have access to the same facility

Here we have the beginning of what we call the walk through.The students are assigned to a group,In this part the student must go over to a rack and to choose a firearm and
return to the group carrying the firearm in a safe manner,
and demonstrate the action and the safety and be able to tell what caliber or gauge it is

Here the student is demonstrating the correct
way to approach the landowner and ask for
permission,This is one area that the students
have some problem (mostly due to embarrassment) they are given plenty of guidance.We stress the point that we should present the proper image to the landowner and the public

Here they are doing a mock pheasant drive ,they are instructed to pay attention to their gun handling and to pay attention to their line
that they should move at the speed of their slowest hunter.

Here they are being quizzed on what a save shooting zone is

Here we have a pair of students demonstrating the two person fence crossing.the usual mistake here is they want to back away from the fence instead of turning around before they walk away.

Here at the completion of the crossing we have them cross
with their hands grasping the wire .this is to be prepared for the possibility of the wire breaking and springing back
his hands are ready to protect his face

Here we have an instructor getting ready to take the students on a compass course.First he explains and demonstrates how to take a bearing with a compass.

Here they arrive at the first leg of six.He will explain what to use for a landmark and the benefits of carrying a notebook .

*Alot of hunters don't believe they need these skills in s.e.wis because it has a lot of roads so you can't get lost,True you may not get lost but why
wander until  you hit a road or house when you can go in and out of the woods without a problem,And be able to get to and from your favorite
spot without using surveyors tape.

Here we have one of the students favorites,They take three shots at three clay birds.This part is just to expose the students to live fire we use 20 ga lite .It does not matter if they break any birds or not.we are more concerned with safety and their positive exsperiance

Here we have another favorite, shooting 22 rifles they usually take five shoots at a paper target we try to get them in the bullseye but it does not affect their pass or fail  if they hit the bull or not.

We also set up a blood trail and show the students how to trail game.And all through the field test they are asked various questions mostly dealing with safety and responsible hunting
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