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S.E Wisconsin Hunter Education

         Safe Hunting is No Accident

The wisconsin hunter education program , With its volunteer  instructors has trained over 520,000 young hunters,
Since the program began in 1967.This program has been so successful that many States pattern their programs after Wisconsins .Many states and Canadian providences require a hunter education certificate to purchase a Licence.

Remember the young hunters are the future of our sports

What I hope to accomplish with this web site is to provide an online source for information  related to hunter education  or related outdoors information such as Class schedules,an outline of the course.
If you are an active instructor that would like you class listed in the schedule ( no matter what area of Wisconsin its in)
just send your information (the name of the contact person,the date/time and the fee you charge) and I will add to the list.
Or if you have any questions , comment or suggestions, This page is under construction so be patient I would value  
any input on this page.This is my own page I am solely responsible for it's content,The only connection to the wisconsin DNR is that I am an active instructor.

Course outline

Allthou the wisconsin DNR gives us certain requirements,the instruction between classes can vary as long as they meet those requirements.
Some instructors do their class in one weekend (This Is not recomended ,My Opinion)
Then their are other instructors that range their classes from ten hours to twenty four or more hours
for the first time hunter I would recomend a longer class (but a good shorter class is better than a bad longer class so ask
The areas covered ( in my order of importance)
Firearm safety:
--Firearm Familiarity
--Load and unload Firearms
--Zone of Fire
--Crossing obstacles
--Firearm storage
Hunter Responsibility:
--Hunter ethics
--Landowner relationships
--Reporting poachers
Outdoor Skills:
--Compass & map reading
--Game care
--Specie Identification
Hunting Techniques:
--Shot placement
--Tracking Game
--Swinging Firearms
--Game calls

In the wake of its safest hunting season on record, Wisconsin hopes to bring hunting accidentseven lower by offering
"hunter's choice" deer permits to first-time graduates of its hunter education course - no matter how old the graduate is.
Of the 54 accidents last year, 91% involved persons age twenty-two and older, the age group that is not required to have hunter education certification to purchase a license. "Being a better, safer hunter should be a life- long pursuit," says Tim Lawhern, hunter education administrator for the Wisconsin DNR. "Just about everyone can benefit from taking a hunter education course. We want to provide some sort of incentive to get the older hunter into a class."With the popular hunter's choice permits, a deer hunter may take a deer with or without antlers in designated areas of the state. Normally, to get one of the much-sought-after permits, a hunter must enter a lottery. If the program of rewarding older hunter-ed. grads with the permit is successful, it will continue an on-going trend of making the woods safer in the Badger state.

Class schedule mostly S.E. wisconsin

Submit Class information

Gun safety

Responsible Hunter

Class schedule for the rest of the state.

Wisconsin D.N.R. This is the D.N.R 's Home page

Wheia -The Wisconsin hunter education instuctors association

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