My name is Dennis and this is my home page,I live in S.E. Wisconsin,I am Married and have a son and daughter.I am an avid outdoorsman my main interest's are Fly fishing/Tying and Hunting/Shooting,I am also an Hunter Education Instructor and Gunsmith

I guess thats why I like to share information.Thats really what this page is all about INFORMATION here you will find link's to items that would be of interest to other outdoor persons and some other pages that are worth a visit <
I want to keep this updated with new material and tips for the outdoor person,If you have some material that you think I might be interested in feel free to E-Mail Or if you just want to make a comment.The areas of interest are Fly fishing/Tying ,Hunting/Shooting and General Outdoors.
 Follow this to the Hunter Education site I maintain

information for youBasic Guide for beginning backpackers/Hikers

Fly Patterns for 1996 Bugger Swap

Recommended shot sizes for Game hunting

This is a rough sight in chart for sighting in a rifle(a more clearer vertion will be up loaded at a later time

Here are links to other pages that I think are definitely worth a visit. Alta Vista : Main page (this is an awsome search engine)

Hunter:Dedicated to Hunters and Hunting

Shotgun Report Homepage

Shooting Supplies & Gunsmithing Homepage

Flyfish@Home Page