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Blue Charm Bjornar Vihovde
HookPartridge Bartleet
Tagoval silver
Tipyellow floss
TailGP crest
Buttblack ostrich
Riboval silver
Bodyblack floss
Hacklebright blue - beard style
Hair wingbrown squirel
Feather wingbrown turkey, teal sides, GP crest topping

Brad's Brat Tom McCann
HookMustad 90240 (low water version of 36890)
Threadred or black
Tagflat gold tinsel
Tailwhite bucktail over orange bucktail
Bodyrear half orange wool, front half red wool
Ribflat gold tinsel
Hacklebrown (as a collar)
Wingorange bucktail over white bucktail
NotesThis pattern was developed by long-time Seattle Times outdoors editor Enos Bradner. The original pattern is listed above - I substituted calftail for bucktail on the flies I submitted.

Brindle Bug Andre Lorenz
Hookdown eye 1xl, sz10-2
Bodyyellow and black veriegated chenille
Tailbrown hackle tips canted up 45-60 degrees
Ribsized with hook silver or gold tinsel
CollarBrown Hackle

Cummings Special (low water) Tom McCann
HookPartridge single Wilson (code 01)
Threadblack or red (I used claret)
Bodyrear 1/3 yellow-orange floss or wool

front 2/3 claret wool or dubbing

Collarclaret hackle
Wingbrown bucktail or substitute
NotesThis fly was a 1930's collaboration of Clarence Gordon and Ward Cummings. Cummings was a popular guide on the Umpqua and is remembered for tutoring Ray Bergman in the mysteries of steelhead fishing.

Ferga Bjornar Vihovde
HookPartridge Bartleet
Tagoval silver
TailGP crest
Buttblack floss
Bodyflat silver tinsel
HackleGuinea fowl - beard style
Winggrey mallard over red, yellow and green goose married with GP crest topping

optional sides stare(?) body feather

General Practioner Derek Tay
Hook#2 low water Partridge (double)
Tagsmall oval gold tinsel
TailGP flank feather over orange bucktail
Bodyorange yarn
Ribsmall oval gold tinsel
Hackleorange (palmered over body)
Winghalfway down body length, GP flank tied over split GP tippet (lacquered) at the hook eye and GP flank feather is tied extending the length of the body

Grease Liner Dave Churches
Tailfine chestnut colored deer body hair
Bodydark grayish tan to black fur, or whatever color matches local egg-laying adult caddisflies
Throatsparse beard of grizzly hackle
Wingdark deer body hair extending only to the end of the dubbing, clipped to leave a tuft of butt ends (optionally lacquered).

Heggeli Bjornar Vihovde
HookPartridge Bartleet
TailGP tippet
Riboval silver
Bodysilver tinsel
Feather wingbronze mallard

Huldra Bjornar Vihovde
HookPartridge Bartleet
Tagyellow floss
TailGP crest
Buttblack ostrich
Bodyembossed silver tinsel
Hackleblack - beard style
Wingbronze mallard over yellow, red, and blue goose married, over brown turkey, GP crest topping

Lady Caroline (low water) Mark Purvis
TailGP breast feather
Bodyolive/brown wool
Ribsflat gold, oval silver
HackleGP breast feather
Wingbronze mallard
NotesThis is a low water dressing of a Spey classic.

Max Canyon Daniel Williams
Tailorange and white calftail, mixed
Bodyrear 1/3 orange wool

front 2/3 black wool or dubbing

Riboval gold tinsel
Collarblack hackle
Wing2 parts white calf or bucktail over which is one part orange

Medicine Gavin Ross
BodyFlat silver tinsel ( an alternative is thread painted with silver paint, whichever keep it slim)
WingPaired slips of Bronze Mallard
HeadRed Varnish

October Caddis (wet) Jeff Johnson
TailDark Pheasant Rump feather, fairly sparse
RibFine gold oval Tinsel
BodyOrange Dubbing
HackleThree turns of Brown saddle Hackle
WingDark Pheasant Rump Feather

Port Bjornar Vihovde
HookPartridge Bartleet
Taggreen floss
TailGP crest
Buttblack ostrich
Riboval gold
Bodysilver tinsel
Hacklegreen - beard style
Winggrey mallard, teal sides, GP crest topping

Purple Peril Ted Eisele
HookTiemco 700 #4 (down eye) or Hareline Dubbin #L2014, size 4 (up eye I later found out these are made by Eagle claw to HD's specifications)
BodyPurple floss
RibSilver wire on most; tinsel on a few
TailPurple hackle fibers on some; a few strands of purple floss on most.
BeardPurple hackle fibers
UnderwingPearlescent Krystal Flash
OverwingRed Fox Squirrel tail
Tagsilver tinsel

Red Ant (low water) Bob Skehan
HookTMC7999, Mustad 36890 size 2-8
ThreadBlack 8/0
Tagflat silver mylar
Tailred floss or hackle fibers
ButtPeacock herl
BodyRed wool yarn or floss
HackleBrown Hackle, soft
WingNatural Brown Bucktail
CheeksJungle Cock (optional)

Skunk Dennis A Veto
hookmustad 36890 #2-8
tailscarlet hackle tips
ribholographic tinsel or silver
bodyblack chenile
wingwhite calf tail

Steelhead Caddis Andre Lorenz
Hooklight wire up eye sz 8-2 tmc 7989
Bodyorange, olive, black, dubbing
Winglight turkey tented
Collar/HeadSpun deer hair clipped for headsome left for collar

Stillaguamish Sunrise Dave Shapero
HookDai ichi #2421 size #4
Thread6/0 orange Gudebrod (BCS 77)
TailMixed red and yellow hackle fibers
RibMedium flat silver tinsel
Bodymedium yellow chenille
Hacklesoft orange
Wingcalf tail (or White polar bear), length to the end of the tail
Headorange thread

Street Walker Steven Zopfi
HookMustad 36890 size 4
TailPurple hackle
BodyMedium Purple Chenille
RibFlat Silver Tinsel
BeardPurple hackle
WingPurple Krystal Flash
ThreadBlack 6/0

Undertaker Mike Rogers
TagFine gold wire
ButtFluorescent Green and Fluorescent Orange floss
BodyPeacock Hurl
RibFine gold wire
WingBlack Bear