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MISC. Tip's

Rubber worm to the rescue

Coat of car-wax quiet's

Erasing Firearms Rust

Taking the stink out of skunk

Hot-wax Bowstring

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RUBBER WORM TO THE RESCUE How many of you duck hunter's have ripped a hole in your wader's on the way out to the blind? Carry a rubber fishing worm and a lighter to repair the hole. Just heat up the worm and dab it in the hole or rip to temporaily fix your waders. Return to the top COAT OF CAR WAX QUIETS When bowhunting , you have to get close to take a shot at the trophy you've got your sights set on. Any noise from your arrows or bow as you draw can spook your game. A good coat of car wax on your arrows and cable guard will prevent the small noises that could spook your quarry. Wax them as you would your car. Return to the top ERASING FIREARMS RUST If your favorite firearm gets some small rust pits on it, try a pencil eraser to take off the spot . The abrasive in the eraser will clean without damaging the finish. After this, clean and oil as before. Return to the top TAKING THE STINK OUT OF SKUNK This formula is a safe, fast and cheap skunk deodorant that was developed by chemist Paul Krebaum of lisle, illinois. The recipe includes; 1 quart of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide 1/4 cup baking soda 1 teaspoon liquid soap Skunk essence is made of sulfur molecules. The materials in the recipe, when mixed together, form an alkaline peroxide that chemically changes the skunk essence into sulfonic acid; a completely odorless chemical. Mix the solution when you are ready to use and do not store. Return to the top HOT - WAX BOWSTRING WITH BLOW DRYER Anyone that shoots a bow knows the importance of keeping the bowstring properly waxed. This is often difficult to do on a compound bow, especially around the pulleys. Here is an effective and easy method of waxing any bowstring thoroughly; Apply the wax over the bowstring and where it crosses a pulley just as you would normally wax the string. Using a handheld hair dryer set on the ''HOT'' setting, blow it on the waxed string. As you move slowly down the string you can watch as the wax melts between the stands effectively waxing the internal strands as well as the external ones.The difference is immediately noticeable.
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